LifeVantage Sponsor Salt Lake Real

Real Salt Lake (Professional Soccer) announced at the end of October 2013 a new partnered with LifeVantage Corporation with a 10 year,  30 million dollar jersey sponsorship that ranks among the most groundbreaking partnerships in Major League Soccer history. I’ve read through a few blogs and RSL fan forums, and I’m intrigued about the feedback I’ve seen.  While there are a few critics (as is typical), the news is very positive, and I’m glad to see RSL and LifeVantage engage in a relationship that will benefit them both. LifeVantage is a Multi Level Network marketing company (often called MLM) or direct sales based out of Salt Lake City.  They are a memeber of the Direct Sales Association, and they’re open for business in the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong.  Their headquarters are actually close to the Rio Tinto Stadium, where a new building is being constructed adjacent to […]

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