LifeVantage and Protandim Thailand

LifeVantage is opening in Thailand LifeVantage is now open in Thailand as of March 25th 2015. LifeVantage will conduct business under the corporation name of “LifeVantage (Thailand) Company Limited”, and will be the 8th country launch in the 5 year network marketing history of LifeVantage.  LifeVantage is launching with the TrueScience product skin care system (based on Nrf2 technologies found in Protandim) with Protandim and Axio following in the months ahead after regulatory approval. If you are interested in participating, I encourage you to work with the person who introduced you, however you may contact me if you need a sponsor or want to work with an existing team on the ground in Thailand.  I’m already working in Thailand with experienced networkers and also in the markets of: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong the Philippines, and the USA and Mexico. What is the Distributor Package Cost? All product prices and commissions are based on the conversion […]

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