Axio an Alternative to Harmful Energy Drinks

energy-drinksEnergy Drinks are widely used around the world by millions as a quick way to “feel better”.  It is a hundred billion dollar economy with many popular products such as Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, Full Throttle and others.  This list of course doesn’t include all the sodas, coffee and many other products which habitually, more than anything, have connected people with short term fixes, hard relapsing crashes and potential negative side effects. These energy drinks often use very high amounts of caffeine and sugar and other substances that are artificial and potentially harmful.  They deliver on that “quick energy” promise, but the long term affect is one that scientists and doctors are now raising the alarm, and should not be consumed on a regular basis, if at all.  LifeVantage has recently released an alternative, cutting edge innovation that solves these problems, satisfies the demands of customers, and is actually “good for you”.

In a recent article from ABC News found here it was reported that Red Bull may be deadly when mixed with alcohol.  Red Bull claims their product is safe, while some validated critics claims because it contains glucuronolactone it may lead to other problems, while other reports indicate that it’s a very low dose and harmless.  Certainly there is a high amount of caffeine in Red Bull, (but no more than coffee) however the behavior with the average consumers (because of the crash) will more than one cans per day or in conduction with alcohol that is a healthy amount of caffeine, and in some energy drinks is not a natural source of caffeine.  In addition, the sugar content is high, 27g of it, on par with most drinks but slightly less than most sodas, it is still a large quantity when consumed back to back (as is often the case).  These products are NOT health drinks, and the energy is artificial.

Worse of all these might be the Monster drinks, that contain much more sugar, and has a “energy blend” of Carntine, Glucose, Guarana, the aforementioned Caffeine, Inosital, Glucuronolactone, and Maltodetrin.  While some are naturally occurring, these are not naturally consumed, especially in quantities found in these products. Some of these products also contain synthetic vitamin’s that consumers think are helping, when these forms of vitamins such as synthetic vitamin C, while inexpensive, may be harmful to your health (see  The perception to the average consumer, is these products are healthy.  They are not.

Other energy drinks have taken criticism also, such as Rockstar which contains yet more sugar and caffeine also.  Each of these products however is often brought up in alarming reports, such as this one”  Suggesting that not only are they not healthy, and also as mentioned when mixed with alcohol can be deadly.  This was recently confirmed recently on Dr Oz, it was also reported that Getting a lot of caffeine all at once along with potentially harmful megadoses of vitamins is a bad way to go, and there is real potential for misuse. Thousands of case reports bear this out. In addition, people who mix energy drinks and alcohol are more likely to engage in risky behavior because it makes them feel or act alert while they are mentally compromised.”

Are they alternatives?  Yes!  LifeVantage recently released a new product called AXIO, a new energy drink mix, that is all natural, free of artificial sugar and contains key technologies that fundamentally change they way “energy” is perceived. One flavor of AXIO acts faster by including a safe and natural level of caffeine, and is formulated to not have “the crash”, because fundamentally it is new technology in the energy drink arena.  The other flavor is a nearly caffeine free, promoting sustained energy.  Both are a unique approach, not like anything on the market with new technology that should offer new choices as a viable alternative. From the LifeVantage Website: “This powerful combination of brain ergogenics delivers the anti-fatigue, balanced mood, and mental focus benefits that keep your mind and body going all day (and all night if needed).”

What is in AXIO?

NEW ZEALAND PINE BARK Helps support optimal mental performance.

SUNTHEANINE (L-THEANINE) Helps promote healthier, sustained energy without overstimulation; Helps promote a state of alertness without the jitters; Helps improve learning performance, focus and mental acuity.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT Natural source of caffeine; Provides a natural energy boost.

CAFFEINE Helps promote alertness, mental clarity, and sense of energy. (found only in AXIO-Volt)

DMAE Helps support normal brain and nervous system function; Helps optimize memory and attention without overstimulation; Helps promote a state of alertness without the jitters; Helps improve learning performance, focus and mental acuity.

MAGNESIUM Helps support normal nervous system function and brain health; Promotes healthy energy metabolism.

QUERCETIN Helps boost cellular protection.

B VITAMINS Helps maintain normal cellular function. Helps promotes positive mood. Helps support optimal working memory. Helps reduce fatigue. Helps to promote healthier energy.

You can buy AXIO here: or for more information watch this video:

See this video

A proper balance must be maintained, and an energy tool is appropriate in a large balanced set of behaviors.  Hydration is critical, so people need to continue to drink plenty of water, especially when consuming any amount of caffeine.  In addition much of energy is tied back to general well being, including our diets, activity levels and other behaviors such as sleep and lifestyle choices, so these things must be properly balanced.  However, consumption of artificial sweetener flavor drinks, high sugar and sodium along with high caffeine and potentially other substances, could prove risky.  Alternative technologies and choices are now available.

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  1. I am unclear by what you mean in the last line of the above paragraph “Alternative technologies and choices will be welcomed come October 1, 2014”. Please clarify this.

  2. What he means is that the drink is now available in different forms of production and consumption as well as in multiple new and different flavors.

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