Amazon has sellers with Counterfeit Supplements

amazonlogoI buy from Amazon all the time, if you find the right seller, you get a really good deal., and Amazon themselves has good prices on the goods they sell.  What most people don’t understand is Amazon is a marketplace.  There are thousands of “sellers” like those on eBay or other places like Craigs List etc.  A recent article talks about one aspect that I agree.  Do not buy dietary supplements and healthcare products off Amazon.  Its too risky.  Its easy to validate if your iPod cover works, or if your book is the the “real deal”, but there are many reports of sellers selling vitamins or other supplements and they are not what they say.

I also don’t understand why somebody would not buy a food supplement from the best quality and reliable source possible, but then I guess to “save a dollar” is ever present on ones mind.

Be that as it is, please be careful.  If you buy off Amazon, buy something where the selling is Amazon themselves, not a 3rd party nameless merchant.  I would contact the company that makes that product and ask them if Amazon sales are authorized.   Contact the seller in advance and ask them where they source the product, and if they would give you their name and phone number, to discuss the nature of the product.  These are simple yet effective things anybody can do.


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  1. Its clearly risky to buy suppliments
    From an unknown source, but
    I dont think it would be so hard to
    Provide distributors with a means of
    Verifying that they sell the real mccoy.

    I also think it would be easy for
    A counterfeiter to sell fake protandim
    As a distributor witj lfvn. So, maybe
    The best way to handle it, if lfvn sells
    Would be to have amazon handle the
    Shipping in house for distributors.

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