American Cheese is not Cheese

I’m not sure why such pride is taken in labeling American Cheese “American”. Is it american to take something good and real and imitate it with favor and color? Maybe. However, American Cheese is not cheese, it just isn’t. It doesn’t even taste good. Sure its cheap, its only redeeming value I suppose, however its certainly not healthy. It used to be it contained real cheese, but no longer. What’s in American cheese? Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Sodium, Phosphates, Lactic Acid, Coloring and crap. Count me out on American Cheese. Why can’t we have good cheese and call that American Cheese! Part of the problem I think is how its processed, so manufactured, maybe that’s the American icon being represented.


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  1. American cheese never claimed to be cheese. Read the label. The FDA ensures that the label tells you exactly what you’re going to get. American cheese has always been the same throughout the years. Let me explain some of the “unknowns” to the average consumer. Cheese is spoiled milk and that’s why it says “Pasteurized milk” because pasteurization is the process in which we make milk safe for consumption by a certain date. Salt is Sodium Chloride so that is why sodium is there. Salt enhances the flavor and acts as a natural preservative. The phosphates are what make American cheese so “melty” and creamy. They are there to provide texture and to prevent the cheese from becoming a clumpy mess as it melts. Lactic acid is a part of almost all cheeses as it is the driving force for the flavor characteristics of cheeses. For instance, lactic acid produces the holes in Swiss cheese. American cheese is a make up of 4 different types of cheese and to have consistency in their products, brands like Kraft and Land O’Lakes add apocarotenal and other carotenoids to their cheeses. Carotenoids are natural occurring colors and are found in nature, like a carot. “American Cheese” is really Pastuerized Process American Cheese Product. There are many different stipulations for differing types of cheeses found in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Part 133. That will have all your definitions for you as to what is defined as what according to the FDA

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