Antioxidant Vitamin’s May be Harmful

VitaminsVitamin’s Harmful?

Recent large scale studies now suggest that Vitamin supplements such as Vitamin C or Vitamin E may not be healthy, and may be harmful.  Scientists have known for a long time that free radical damage was the cause of most of the major diseases related to the natural aging process, and at its root, the process that is paired with natural aging.  In an attempt to curb this process, even scientists suggested that Antioxidant supplements like C or E would lower the levels of oxidative stress in the body, reducing the signs and effects of aging.

Most people think that if some is good, better is more, so many companies addressed this problem by suggesting that their customers use products that are high in dosages of Vitamins.. particularly those with antioxidant capacities.   However, recent research shows that this may not be the case, and infact taking antioxidant vitamins especially in larger dosages, disrupt a set of complex systems in the body, where the body uses free radical damage to help destroy cancer cells, fight infection and other problems.  By injecting external sources of these chemical ingredients, customers may be doing more harm than good, suggesting that the days of “vitamin supplements” is coming to and end.

For example Nature World News recently reported:  that vitamin C and E reduce the body’s ability to train for endurance events such as marathons. see: and

Another example found that vitamin C and E accelerate Lung Cancer in Mice.  The study suggests that external chemical antioxidants interrupt the system that the body uses to destroy tumor cells. see:

And another example a research article suggest vitamin’s such as β-carotene, vitamin E, and possibly high doses of vitamin A supplements are harmful and other antioxidants, folic acid and B vitamins, and multivitamin and mineral supplements are ineffective for preventing mortality or morbidity due to major chronic diseases. see:

But why is this?  Well its simple.  The body was designed to work naturally.  While true, the amount of toxins and exposure are harmful, adding supplements to the body aren’t effective.  Rather the natural approach is to stimulate the natural systems and processes used in the body.  These natural pathway’s like Nrf2 are much more effective, and research shows that Nrf2 activation and support may be a much more effective way to help the body cope with many physical stress situations.  see:

I’m still a supporter of vitamin’s however, but they must come from a wholefood sources, not a chemical one.  But additionally, and importantly, using external sources of antioxidants is simply not an effective method to lower oxidative stress.  Studies also show that in most cases they are simply not effective in doing that, and the body actually metabolizes them to create additional free radicals, or in maybe a Kinase inhibitor (see  Kinase receptors are responsible for signaling to vital cell proteins such as Nrf2 who’s job is to naturally regulate the body’s own antioxidants.

In conclusion the latest research suggests some harmful side effects to external vitamin supplementation.  This new trend suggests a better approach would be to assist the body in the natural system response to fighting oxidative stress.  Instead of taking antioxidants (with the potential side effects), that the body simply makes its own, like Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase and Glutathione. Having said that, a whole food source of vitamins for those who are deficient may be in order.

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