Big Blue Calendar Mobile

LifeVantage distributors and customers can now access meetings and events on a mobile application.  This makes it simple to find meetings and events near you.  The application takes your GPS location, and then queries the server to obtain the meetings near you.  You can open meeting details, and for physical location events, navigate to a map to show you exactly where the event is.

The application will contain new features over time to make it easier to find new meetings and meetings and events in other markets and cities around the world.

For Android smart phones.  For Apple phones and iOS devices.




  1. I bought the app and downloaded it but can’t open it probably b/c I didn’t “allow” it to know my location when not using it… I’d prefer to only allow my location when I use it but if that’s not possible I’ll allow it to track my location when I’m not using it. So pls let me know how I can go back to the “allow” option. (If that’s the problem) Thank you.

    1. The app doesn’t do any form of background processing at all, including your location. It only does this when the app loads, once per launch. You can change your permissions to allow in your phone settings, and it should work for you.

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