philippines_flag_posters-r081880f7d88f4e85a6f39512f8d4e6c0_z0e_8byvr_512LifeVantage and Philippines with Protandim

In September of 2013, LifeVantage announced an pre-launch, in the Philippines. As of December 10th 2013, the company entered a soft-launch period, and has begun shipping distributor kits and customer packages into all areas of the Philippines. LifeVantage is operating under an NFR license, meaning, its products Protandim™ and TrueScience™ are shipped from the United States, sold directly to consumers to the Philippines, but are not allowed for resale until full on the ground sale status is obtained.  LifeVantage is paying commissions to distributors for product orders, and in the process of growing the market through a phased approach that will result in full on the ground sales in the months ahead.

About LifeVantage:

Founded in 2003, LifeVantage is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and is a leader in the fight against oxidative stress. LifeVantage offers science-based, research-backed products and a business opportunity to improve the physical and financial health of every consumer. We want everyone to prosper and thrive, and we are committed to doing it in a way that brings a better quality of life to the world.

LifeVantage products were originally distributed through retail outlets across the nation but in 2009, to more effectively educate consumers about its products and as a way to bolster its sales, strategically transitioned into network marketing. We accomplish our goal of helping provide physical and financial prosperity for all in a fiscally responsible, profitable way that rewards and is in the best interests of all our constituents: product consumers, distributors, employees, shareholders, board members and future consumers, and other constituents as well. Despite a sluggish economy, LifeVantage has seen unprecedented growth.

The purpose of this page is to provide information to help answer questions.  Please work with the person who introduced you to LifeVantage to get started as a customer or a distributor.  If you have questions, please reply.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does it Cost?

Distributors can enroll with a Vantage Pack for ₱37,500 one time.  This package includes 10 Protandim bottles, and 1 TrueScience Regimen (4 products) with the business materials and starter kit, there is also a 13 bottle Protandim only option. You also get a website and other training materials.   There is also a Freedom Pack option that is ₱11,600 that comes with 4 Protandim, but has limitations such as the distributor doesn’t earn the infinite fast start bonuses in the commission plan, so the Vantage Pack is a better option for most distributors looking to build a serious business.

Do you have a warehouse in Philippines?

Our shipping partners help LifeVantage to ship product as fast as possible.  There will be more options in the near future as LifeVantage expands in the market.

Do you have an office in the Philippines?

Not at this time, though the company is looking for options.  Remember we are just opening the market, and some markets will never have their own office.  The Philippines will likely have local support centers in the near future.

Is Protandim and TrueScience PFDA approved?

A formal announcement on the status is pending for October 2015. Protandim is also registered in several other markets, including Canada Health, Australia TGA, the USA FDA and other markets.

Is LifeVantage a binary system?

No, its a dynamically compressed unilevel.  This is a very good thing.  It means even with one leg, you get paid, and you get help from your upline, because they don’t have binary type weak legs.  Dynamic compression allows for you to earn royalty on all products sold in your business.  You have the flexibility to place people in any leg of your business, and you can have any number of legs you want.

What makes Protandim different than other products?

Simple: Peer reviewed research published in 3rd party medical and scientific journals.  In most cases the research was funded and conducted outside of LifeVantage.  Protandim is also a different solution to oxidative stress.  Rather than taking antioxidants, that likely cause harm, you’re telling the body to make its own antioxidants.  Protandim is a very a unique and validated product.  It is affordable, and has many patents to protect the formula.

What makes LifeVantage different than other MLM companies?

Transparency! As a public traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange (LFVN) in the USA, the security and exchange commissions requires LifeVantage to publish their financials.  They’re also new, but experienced.  This way there is no experiment on the Philippines market.  LifeVantage is growing, and while they’re only in 8 countries, there are dozens more on the list.  This means the timing cannot be better.  Larger companies who have already expanded globally, have lost much of the timing and only rely on population growth, not in global expansion.  Some companies will never expand globally.

How do I change my order?

At anytime you can simply contact LifeVantage customer service by calling 02.395.3355

How are commissions paid?

Direct deposit to your bank account in the Philippines.

Can I sponsor distributors and customers in other countries?

Yes.  The USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand.  LifeVantage has a one global commissions structure, so as LifeVantage expands, you’re business can grow internationally under one plan.

Where can I learn more?

Please get with the person who introduced you, or find out more information on websites such as or or

I read on the Internet Protandim and LifeVantage are scams?

Anybody can say anything they want on the Internet, but it doesn’t make it true.  It’s well understood these sources (who are not reliable) also not disclosing their real name and hide behind aliases.  This is a good sign that they’re not trustworthy.  In contrast, Protandim has been published in medical journals who’s authors have been disclosed, and who’s research have been reviewed and validated by their editors, doctor’s and attorney’s.  Also, because LifeVantage is traded on the Nasdaq, has been reviewed by several governments regulators and is conducting their business in the full light of regulatory review on a regular basis.  If you have specific questions, there are specific answers.

How do I enroll? That’s easy too. Watch this short video:

Please make sure you work with your enroller to get signed up.

Here are details on the new Freedom Pack

Do I need a credit card to enroll?

No, a credit card works, or any debit bank card, so long as it has the Visa or Master card logo on the card.  Several banks can issue such a debit card.  The Philippines also has a cash option, where you make a cash payment at Union Bank into the LifeVantage account.

Is there a monthly autoship requirement for distributors?

An optional autoship as low as ₱2,600 can be setup, changed or cancelled at anytime.  Commissions are based on points, and most distributors setup enough points on an autoship to qualify to maximize commissions.

How long does shipping take?

LifeVantage is using Johnny Air, shipments take anywhere from 7-10 business days.  There soon will be other shipping options in the Philippines.  Some areas take longer than others.


If you have comments or questions please reply or message me.