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The iPhone 5

So I’ve pre-ordered an iPhone 5. It’s an upgrade for me from the 4 (not the 4s). Having Siri will be a big plus, but I’m really excited about the taller screen, and thinner, lighter design. For me the iPhone is simply the best mobile device available. Yes I know “Android is just as good”, but that’s simply not true. The specifications for those devices might be better, and yes, Android is more customization, but the iPhone just “works”.

Don’t get me wrong, the Android OS phones are great, and for some people its the best choice. But even as technical as I am, I love the simplicity and elegance of the iPhone and the iOS system. I suppose in some ways I “drink the cool-aid” a bit, but generally I think the iPhone is perfect for 90% of the users out there. But to each their own.

I’m no AT&T fan, but we’ll simply renew the contract, sell the old Phone(s) [ got my wife one too ], and the net costs is actually in our favor. I doubt my wife will ever use the 64gb, but in 2 years, when we upgrade to the iPhone 6s, we will just sell the iPhone 5’s, and continue drinking the cool-aid. Which tastes very good.

Mobile Phone of Choice vs Cost

I’ve said for a long time, people buy the iPhone because they want too, not because they have too. People buy an Android phone because they have too, its usually because of price, or network availability. Although this is changing as the iPhone is now available on the Sprint network and Verizon, its still a remarkable distinction. Don’t get me wrong, Android phones are good. They work well, and are a big leap above previous phones, but lack the elegance and simplicity of the iPhone, something Apple has also mastered on the MAC.

I think there is an interesting parallel to Microsoft Windows, such that people use Windows because its “what’s installed” or its “what’s at work”. But true PC enthusiasts are looking now at the MAC, in the same way mobile phone users look at the iPhone. The iPad is no different either, people choose other tablet platforms for the same reason.

But in the end, I think Android like Windows will have a larger market share, its simply because so many devices will host Android over the proprietary iOS devices. I don’t see why proprietary is a problem, most people don’t really care about what the device offers, 5 megapixel camera vs 8, or a slightly brighter screen or a certain memory capacity. In the end the device elegance, simplicity and reliably win, even if its a bit more to purchase.

But these wars are not over, nor are the opinions of low key bloggers like myself, and I’m glad there is competition. If it isn’t obvious, I think the iPhone is superior, and its what I choose because I want to use it. There are always exceptions of course. And I suspect when the new iPhone comes out in October, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss it more.

V2 underway

I’ve got a version 2 of iPlant, will be for the iPad too and Android. Coming soon, will be the ability to upload photos, rate photos, submit new plans, edit existing plants. It should be a pretty big upgrade for everybody, and will contribute to a much larger community of participants and information. Should be out and ready by the end of August.

Update Aug 11, both the new iPlant and Android version are about 80% completed.

Update May 12: Clearly I’ve missed this deliverable. I outsourced some of it, and wasn’t able to get that finished, so its back to the drawing board, but it won’t take as long. I really do want to get this updated, and have had many requests to do so, it will happen.

iPlant Database

Im looking to license a larger and much more complete plant database.. as a part of this expansion, looking to develop an iPad app, and Android application too. Stay tuned.

iPlant 1.9

iPlant 1.9 is out. I’ve removed the syncing ability in previous versions, it was just too buggy and unreliable. This makes the latest version a bit large, but at least the available content is now there. I’ve added a few more images and updated the data a bit with feedback and other research. In 2.0, I hope to get many more photos. An Android version will be forthcoming, and also an iPad version. Ideally I’d like to get a large database to upload into this, but that’s rather expensive, so still looking for a new source.

Labrish Update submitted to iTunes

I’ve submitted a new Labrish app to iTunes. It has several syntax fixes, along with phonetic spellings to make it more fun. Once it gets there, I’ll change it from Free to 99 cents, which isn’t much, and the app is much improved.

iPlant 1.8

I’ve submitted an update to iPlant, its version 1.8. This version has the entire database updates an more photos concurrent with the latest sync. Its over the iTunes 10 meg limit, so you’ll need a wifi connection to download, or download via iTunes and sync. I’ve added icon badges when you launch the app, so you’ll know if there are updates to sync. Please submit questions or problems any feedback is appreciated.