iPAX: SCCA Solo Time and PAX indexer

iPAX is an application written for the SCCA Solo community. This application lets you enter times, then ranks by PAX, so you can compare and find out how much faster you need to go or in general, just see how your doing by making comparisons as you collect and update times throughout the day. It even supports two day events, or left/right lane pro solo events.

The latest application has 2018 PAX numbers, for Solo and Pro Solo.  Suggestions welcomed!

This application works in iPhone or iPod.  It makes it very easy to see how much time a driver needs to move up in rank.  This application is perfect for index classes, both local SCCA index classes, street tire classes as well as Pro Solo index classes.

Visit iPAX on iTunes here.

Here are some additional screen shots, you can see it supports both Solo and ProSolo formats.





  1. 3 classes not working correctly;
    ST (STS)
    STS (STS2)
    SSM (SM2)
    enteries made in any of these classes don’t make it onto the results page. These are big local classes in my region, I hope you can correct this.


  2. Any chance of you adding 2010 pax numbers?

    I would love a screen that showed the pax factors for each class.

  3. any chance of you doing this exact app for android? I find your app easier to use vs the two that are currently available.

  4. I saw a comment on the Apple iTunes page that said the 1.7 update included the 2011 pax index, but was waiting for the 2011 ProSolo index. Just to let you know that the 2011 ProSolo index will be using the same index as the regular Solo/Tour event (Rick Ruth’s index). Also, is there anyway to change the program to let the user update the indexes so we do not have to wait for an update to change the indexes year to year?


    1. Thanks. I’ll get the program updated. I have to put the index into the application, but it won’t be a problem to maintain it. Each user wont’ want to update the indexes manually, its easy to do from my end.

    1. Since 2011 pro solo pax is the same as the solo pax, the app just needs to be modified so that you don’t need to switch to a different index.

  5. Saw your post on a thread on RMsolo.org. Was checking it out it ou on iTunes and it still says 2009 PAX in the description (I did see the comments about ’10 & ’11 PAX here already). Just wondering if you’ve added the ’12 PAX yet & if all classes are up-to-date (I’ll be honest I’m not sure I have kept up with all the changes in ST* myself). Thanks!

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