iPlant 1.9

iPlant 1.9 is out. I’ve removed the syncing ability in previous versions, it was just too buggy and unreliable. This makes the latest version a bit large, but at least the available content is now there. I’ve added a few more images and updated the data a bit with feedback and other research. In 2.0, I hope to get many more photos. An Android version will be forthcoming, and also an iPad version. Ideally I’d like to get a large database to upload into this, but that’s rather expensive, so still looking for a new source.

One thought on “iPlant 1.9

  1. I first downloaded iPlant last summer, and I love it! Great version update…lots of new photos and plants. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource. I’ve told numerous friends (and my acupuncturist) to download it:)

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