Men’s Fear in the Workplace of the MeToo Movement

In a recent article in the New York Post, columnist Rob Bailey-Millado describes how some employers are reluctant to engage female employees for fear of reprisal. This is an interesting observation because it puts a spotlight on what I feel is an unhealthy response to women’s equality and abuse in the workforce in the United States.

Here we are a year later, after the #MeToo movement burst open stories of abusive professional relationships where women were subjected to inappropriate treatment by male authority figures, often employers. This new transparency is helpful for abused women, who find themselves in the situation of confronting their abuser or reliving their trauma.

I’m not surprised male employers would feel challenged to engage their female employees. However, I see this as an opportunity for male business owners and managers to treat women with equality and respect. This means to honor and respect their boundaries, and treat them in a way that they deserve because they are powerful human beings with a great deal to contribute. The result of this affirming attitude toward women will, eventually, create acceptance by all.

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