Protandim and Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells

A new Protandim study conducted by the Department of Health and Exercise Science, Colorado State University, shows that Protandim when used in vitro with human cells that line the inside of coronary arteries are dramatically protected from cellular death caused by oxidative stress. The study shows that without Protandim 34% of cells “die” however when pretreatment with Protandim resulted in only 6% cell death. This study shows Protandim stimulates via Nrf2 the production of several key proteins and enzymes (in some cases twice as much or up to 7 times as much more) that fight free radical damage. This study shows Protandim can reduce endothelial cell oxidative stress and has potential to reduce associated vascular disease states.


This is the 11th Study on Protandim that is waiting to be published, however the full text is found here at

Because Protandim is a dietary supplement, it is not meant to cure or prevent disease. This blog above simply states the findings from the research study.

This is the 11th Study on Protandim, released in June 2012

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