Protandim Canada

Protandim Canada

Protandim Canada(Update April 2018) Protandim is available in Canada for customers or distributors.  The cost of Protandim is the same for both customers or distributors at the wholesale price of CAD$53.25 per bottle plus sales tax and shipping. Preferred Customers can save on shipping by setting up quarterly shipments instead of monthly orders.  There are also options for free shipping for registered customers who bundle with other products.

Because LifeVantage is a referral based business, if you are already working with a LifeVantage distributor, please contact them to purchase Protandim or enroll as a distributor. If you do not have a distributor to help you or if you need more information about how you can become involved in LifeVantage in Canada, I’m willing to assist you.

Need Help? Message me or use the links on this page or the phone number below.

Protandim ships from the Canada warehouse, and takes about 4-6 business days.  LifeVantage also sells a skin care system (called TrueScience).  TrueScience has Protandim in it, click this link to TrueScience for more information.  Our Canine Health (now called Petandim) product is available through our “not for resale” website, where distributors and customers may order.  Axio is now available Canada online.  PhysIQ for Canada is now available also.

For local inquiries in Canada please contact one of the following authorized distributors:

Vancouver or Victoria Island, please contact Dora or Pete by phone at 250-723-9372.

Eastern British Columbia call Collin at 250-231-2078 for orders.

Ontario or Manitoba, please contact me. (I’m looking for a local distributor to help in Ontario)

Nova Scotia contact Christoph via email in Halifax.

Quebec please visit

How do you Buy Protandim in Canada Now?

There are three options to buy Protandim in Canada.  One is become a preferred customer, the other is to place a one time retail order, and the third is enroll as a distributor.  The prices for Protandim are nearly all the same, but there are different benefits or advantages to each.


3 Protandim Package: buy protandim in Canada as a preferred customer.  You will notice this order is for a monthly order of 3 Protandim. However, you can change this after you complete the order and set it up the way you want, even for a one time order.  Just Message Me after, or when I see your order I will try to contact you.  After a few months, you can setup a regular subscription as you want with customer service and keep the wholesale price, or you can order at irregular intervals at the retail price.  Most customers either cancel their subscription, or place regular orders each month or every quarter to save on shipping.


For phone orders please call 866-460-9610, or one of the phone numbers above, or send me a message via email.

For Local orders in Canada see the list above on this page, or call this number 866-460-9610, and I will connect you with a person close to you.  Most local distributors don’t stock extra Protandim, but I may be able to connect you to a local distributor who may have some.


If you want to setup a distributor account, to qualify to earn commissions on referrals, please follow this link.  Please contact me for specific information on what aspect of a distributor account you are most interested in.  You may need assistance in how best to set this up for you.

Become a distributor in Canada?

Yes, we’re fully open with the correct listing and approval from government agencies. You will need a sponsor to enroll you.  If you need a sponsor, please send me a message via email. However, again, if you are currently working with an existing distributor please continue to work with that person.  My interest is helping the entire country, so please feel free to ask any questions.



What distributor packages are offered?

There are 3 options for distributors (remember you can just be a customer, this is optional for those who want better discounts or a business opportunity with their order) .

Platinum Pack – $1,500.00 CAD (1000 PV)

14 – Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer
4 – AXIO Decaf Red Raspberry
2 – TrueScience Regimen
2 – All Access Event Tickets
2 – Months LV Move App Membership

Gold Pack – $750.00 CAD (500 PV)

5 – Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer
3 – AXIO Decaf Red Raspberry
1 – TrueScience Regimen
1 – All Access Event Tickets
2 – Months LV Move App Membership

Silver Pack – $375.00 CAD (250 PV)

4 – Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer
2 – AXIO Decaf Red Raspberry
1 – Facial Cream
2 – Months LV Move App Membership

Note: you also need to buy a $44 starter kit, not included in the prices above.  You can just get a starter kit alone if you choose.  Full details for Canada Distributor packages can be found here.

Is Protandim sold inside Canada?

Yes through an authorized distributor. The vast majority of sales of Protandim are mail order, and it doesn’t take long to arrive.  LifeVantage has warehousing in Canada. Protandim is not allowed to be sold in retail stores, now or ever, you will have to purchase Protandim through an authorized distributor located in the United States or Canada.

When was Canada open for sale of LifeVantage Products?

Since June of 2013 we’ve been open to conduct business in Canada.  Recently we opened business in Quebec also for customers or distributors.

Can you upgrade to a distributor later?

Yes, login to your preferred customer website, and click the upgrade link on the far left. If you do not know how to do that, contact customer service by phone.

Preferred Customer or Distributor?

While Preferred Customers can order at wholesale they cannot earn commissions.  Distributors may earn commissions through referrals and business building.  The potential is extremely high for those who are interested in inviting others to learn about LifeVantage and Protandim in Canada.

Is Quebec Open?

Yes, all of Canada is.

Is Protandim listed by Health Canada?

Yes, Protandim Nrf2 is registered with Health Canada (Natural Product Number 80040726).  Protandim Nrf1 is also registered with Health Canada (Natural Product Number 80077451).

Can I get Canine Health in Canada?

Yes, via NFR (not for resale) for registered distributors or preferred customers.  You can also purchase it from the USA, please inquire how you can do that.  Canine Health is now called Petandim.

Can I get PhysIQ in Canada?

Yes, PhysIQ is available in Canada for customers or distributors.

82 Replies to “Protandim Canada”

  1. heard ansd watched the webinar tonight and am interested in it.
    We live a few miles from the USA border and can ship it to a USA adress in Sumas. So we can’t be a distributor in Canada to get it wholesale? What is the cheapest way to get it?

    1. For Canada, just as a preferred customer, if you ship it to a US address, it becomes a bit cheaper, but you have to come get it. Email me with questions.

  2. I’d like to learn how this works? is that possible to keep running in business, alike anyone wants to join, under me, what shall I tell them or encourage them to try to take one or two bottles to feel a new person, of course not overnight healing but improve sleeping etc? where do I find in Canada? Thanks

  3. when will distributorships become available in Canada? And when they become available as a preferred customer with preferred customers signed up under my number will that count towards my distributorship? Awesome product.

    1. Not sure, no official announcements have been made yet, but I know its coming… I know the company is working on it.

  4. I’m glad I was able to find your website, I couldn’t figure out how to purchase on the lifevantage websites, but I understand from the video above how to do it, thanks for helping me get this, my wife and I both need this product.

    1. We’re waiting for Canada to open for distributors, and are working with as many customers now, and will upgrade those interested in sharing Protandim with others as a part-time business or something less or more. Check your email.

  5. I live in Vancouver, I’m interested in being a distributor when Canada opens, please contact me when this is available in my area.

    1. No problem, we’ll be in touch. If you heard about Protandim through another person, please make sure you enroll in their business, otherwise I’m happy to sponsor you.

  6. I’ve got a large group of people who would be interested in taking Protandim in Canada, what is the best way to start? If I cannot be a distributor in Canada yet.

    1. Clare: you can enroll as a preferred customer today, and do the same for your customers. Then when we have been approved for distributors and we open the business there, you will be able to upgrade your position to a vantage pack (the distributor package), and then do the same for those in your group, who want to do the same. There should be a 30-45 day period for such upgrades before the official launch. Contact me for any questions.

  7. Jeff thank you for helping me place an order, I’ve been using protandim for several months now, and I love what it’s doing for me. My husband and I now enjoy our life at a level we’ve not had for years, and we’re pretty sure protandim has allowed us to do this. When canada opens for distributors we want to do that, thanks again.

    1. 89Flying, thanks… its nice to get great feedback, from our conversation, I’ll make sure I let you know when we open canada.

    1. Sandy, yes, please check your email, I’ve sent you a packet of materials to review. Because we’re not open yet, we cannot conduct marketing openly, but we can discuss plans to get you started, and we can certainly talk about Protandim for customers. But this is changing very soon, so please stay tune, call me with questions.

  8. What package are you referring too. I am currently a preferred customer using Protandim. I am looking forward to being a distributer in Canada when our country opens. I never have received any package…I wonder if you can send me any material that would be helpful in preparation for our opening. And I hope that is soon.

  9. l am in Ontario Canada and l don’t want to join anything. hehe my health will not let me. l will be disabled for life no matter how many pills l pop hehe.

    all these people getting excited over being a distributer.. it is just like any job posting you get so many people applying for it. so many people thinking they are going to get the job. hehe the way our stupid economy is.

    what l wish is that l could go into say walmart or the local drug store and pick protandim off the shelf and buy it on my terms…

    l shouldn’t have to have a credit card to live in this world.


    1. Carol, no problem. I’ll email you on how you can do a one time order. Protandim used to be in stores, but no longer.

  10. i am interested in this product – for personal use and to become a distributor. i live in vancouver B.C. please let me know when you open in canada.

    1. Will do Victoria. Its getting very close, and progress is being made. Seems like forever, but stay tune.

  11. Can u let me how to get it in winnipeg or in pembina North Dakota I have a us mailing address for parcel pickup

    1. Not inside of Canada, but its common to dispatch packages from LifeVantage or a US based distributor. Check your email.

    1. Zug A: Its $690 CAD. Our pricing in Canada is based on a pegged exchange rate of 1.1. A pegged exchange rate (also known as a fixed exchange rate) is used to fix a currency’s value against the value of another single currency. The reason we use a pegged exchange rate is so that you will always know how much product costs and how much you will earn. This helps mitigate the fluctuations of the rate exchange and keeps pricing and payout levels at a consistent level. A pegged rate of 1.1 means one US dollar equals $1.10 CAD. This amount doesn’t include sales taxes and shipping.. so the final price will vary a bit. The vantage pack (distributor kit) comes with over $550 in product.

  12. Id like to Buy Protandim for Canada, but I’m not sure I want to be a preferred customer yet or a distributor, how do I do that?

    1. Sandy, if you contact me directly using the phone above, I can assist you. I highly recommend the Preferred Customer plan, because of the advantages it has for rebates and discounts where if you just buy protandim direct, you don’t get those repeat order discounts and referrals. Protandim ships direct from our Canada warehouse too or preferred customers. I have distributors in BC and Ontario I can connect you with.

  13. Jeff, I’m interested in Protandim as a distributor, can you contact me for more information. I’ve been using it for a while now, and I really like the results. I love in Ontario, and I’d like more information, can you contact me about this please?

  14. PPeterson, yes you can. Just place orders in packages of 3, it will save you shipping costs and time. A 3 month supply is also a much better trial than a one month test. Contact me for questions.

  15. I’ve been using Protandim now for about 3 months, and I love the results. Thank you Jeff for getting me setup so quickly. Question however, will Protandim be helpful for my mother, she has some severe medical issues, and I’d like to get her started.

    1. Yes Bob.. but we don’t make medical claims, but Protandim will lower oxidative stress by around 40% in 30 days, and that’s a big thing. If her problems are related to oxidative stress (and likely they are), then the body will use lower oxidative stress and hopefully do some of the repairs naturally. Call me by phone and I can help you get her setup as a preferred customer.

  16. Hello Jeff…I am keen to order Protandim, for myself, here in Dartmouth, NS, I’d like to order for 6 months at a time, if possible. Not sure how to go about it, or if there is anyone here to order from. Kindly let me know…want to place an order now, and regularly after that.
    Thank you for any/all info, and thanks for the consideration.

    1. Jerry, please contact your sister and make sure that she becomes your sponsor. If you have questions let me know, you can use the instructions above, but please use her ID so that you get properly placed with her.

  17. Hi Jeff, Im a Kidney transplant patient on immune supresant drugs, can I take this protandim safely ? Thank you very much, I do have a sponsor that I will start with if you can answer my question lol

    1. I would get your doctors approval for that. You may not have an issue, but Protandim raises your immune response to the level of a healthy child, something your doctor may not want. But the skin car product doesn’t do that, and it contains protandim.

  18. Hi,

    I live in Winnipeg, and understanding that Protandim is now available in Canada, who should I contact to ask some questions regarding medications I am on and to also purchase the product. I believe this may also be a good fit for my husband, who fortunately is not on any medications but is suffering with arthritis and fatigue.

  19. are you selling in ns, I was introduced to the products and the business, how are you making out, im in kentville ns. are there many distributors here

  20. I have a question. I am 67, have minimal hardening of the arties; will Protandim help with this and possible dementia or Alzheimers? Thanks 😀

    1. Protandim will lower oxidative stress in your body. Your body will respond better and help with many things when it has low levels of oxidative stress.

  21. Hi Jeff,
    I want to get Protandim but don’t like the idea of becoming a Preferred Customer, because the auto-ship thing makes me feel that I’m not in control, even though I’m supposedly able to cancel or change from monthly to quarterly, at any time.

    1) How do I go about placing a one-time custom order? I’m in Quebec.

    2) How much per bottle and shipping?

  22. I have a friend in the US who is a customer but I live in Canada. Do I need to find a customer in Canada in order to place an order or can my US friend’s id number work too?

  23. Hi Jeff! I live in Vancouver. I have consumed a 30 cap bottle of Protandim a few months ago and the results were amazing. I would like to have a few more bottles but dont know where to get them here since I lost contact with the person who sold it to me before. I hope you can give me a number I can call here in Vancouver. Thanks.

    1. Not that we an say legally. But its better to have low oxidative stress and type 1 diabetes than high oxidative stress and Type 1.

  24. I am a distributor in Mexico City. My son lives in Montreal and I want to send him Protandim just like I did in when he lived in B.C. How do I go about that if Protandim isn’t sold there?

  25. Hi Jeff – I wanted to follow-up on my earlier e-mail a couple of days ago. Is there any way that you can introduce me to a local distributor? Or respond to me through my personal e-mail address provided on your website. I look forward to hearing back from you, thanks.

  26. Hi Jeff I called all the bc distributors none are selling the product, Pete is not, so I am suck as I vpcannot get the product, what do I do? A friend while we were in Mexico holiday told me about the product , can find or I ca directly but the product from you..thanks

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