Revelar – A Measure of Oxidative Stress

I’ve been watching this one for a while now. The gold standard in measuring oxidative stress is a test known as TBARS, it is a well-established screening and monitoring of lipid peroxidation. Its often called reactive species test or lipid peroxidase test. See my this page about where to get a TBARS test. But most of us aren’t going to draw blood, and unless we have access to a lab, its very hard to conduct the test. Even labs that can do it, must follow the protocol exactly. There must be an easier way to measure oxidative stress.

About a year ago I inquired of the manufacturer of a product called Revelar. According to them, their device detects and measures aldehydes in the breath. Aldehydes are known to be indicators of free radical damage. Does it work? I don’t know, but it appears promising. They have a new model that is better they claim than the old one. The device is expensive, both the “machine” and the testing items would cost the patient about $30 per test (meaning after you do a few hundred tests you’ve paid for the machine). So most people don’t have the money to buy one.

So what’s next? We’ll we stay tuned. Im sure that as it comes out, we’ll know much more about how viable it is. I suspect many small doctors offices will purchase the device. They’ll try a varienty of methods to lower oxidative stress. Time will tell, but it looks promising.

See Revalar for more details.


  1. I am a holistic medical doctor and I am working lately in oxidation stress.
    I need a way how to measure the oxidation stress in my patients and after some time of treatments will like to to the follow up.
    please send me details of a product and cost

    thank you

    luis velazquez

    1. Thanks Luis. I know that they’re working on a more reliable Revalar machine, current observations show it worked, but wasn’t consistent. The standards for measuring oxidative stress currently are blood tests (TBARS) or urine tests. There several of these kits you can order, again depending on the lab with potential problems, however they’re very good. I’m waiting for an update from Revelar too.

  2. I am potential User of a new product called PROTANDIM, as it was said to reduce Oxidative Stress which causes ageing.
    Can you tell me more about REVELAR and how it can be obtained and/or use for the measurements.


    Brisbane, Australia

    1. Hi Tunde,
      I realise you posted this a long time ago, however I’m wondering if you ended up having some type of oxidative stress measurement done in Australia. If so, may I ask what the test was and where you had it done? I’m wanting to do measurements on myself before and after protandim use.
      Please let me know about your experience.



      1. I don’t know what people are using. The tests that I’ve seen aren’t reliable for generalization. The T-BARS is still the gold standard, not sure where in Australia that tests may be available, however C-Reactive Protein is a good substitute.

  3. I am a doctor and I would like to measure the oxidative stress level of my patients.Could you please send me detail information regarding revelar device cost and how I can obtain it.

    Best regards,


    1. It will have to come from revelar, and I’m not finding that vendor online.. maybe they went out of business.

  4. They need to get FDA approval as its considered a medical device. Not sure on other countries, but there was a warning letter of mis-branding.

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