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Who Am I?


I spent over twenty years in the tech industry, having a fulfilling career in software development. But as time went on, I felt something was missing. I realized I wanted to make a difference in a more personal way, so I went back to school to study psychology and earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Now, I run my own psychotherapy practice.

I've put together a variety of mental health resources on this website, which can be useful for anyone facing mental health challenges. I'm also excited to announce my new book about using psychedelic medicines to address sexual issues in therapy.

Today, I work as a psychotherapist in Salt Lake City, Utah, helping couples and individuals with relationship issues, sexual concerns, and faith transitions. I'm also certified in psychedelic-assisted therapy, with extensive training and experience in safely guiding clients who use these substances for therapeutic purposes. I coach individuals and partnerships outside of my practice using psychedelic medicines in ethical and legal settings for personal transformation.

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