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I have recently started doing a small amount of work with Meomind, a mental health startup, and a top 10 therapy app on app stores. Meomind aims to create a library of simulated audio therapy sessions for individuals who may be interested in receiving psychotherapy but are unsure of where to begin. Many individuals face difficulties accessing proper therapy due to cost, stigma, or low provider availability. Meomind offers listeners the chance to be matched to the most relevant sessions in their library based on their self-identified mental health needs. Their library contains sessions where listeners can hear the client (either actual or played by an actor) and the therapist, providing insight, comfort, and strategies they can implement. Meomind’s advisory board includes esteemed clinical psychologists such as John C. Norcross and Bruce Wampold.

Working with Meomind has been a unique experience for me as a psychotherapist. Creating a psychotherapeutic session with a client where rapport wasn’t built can be challenging. The client-actor often brings their real-life experiences into the session, making the sessions very real, even when the typical clinical groundwork hasn’t been established. These conditions add a layer of authenticity to the sessions, making them a valuable option for those who may be apprehensive about seeking traditional psychotherapy.

One of the small struggles I experience with the Meomind platform as a “clinician” is navigating through just one or maybe two sessions when with real clients, there is an arc of treatment that often spans 3 to 10 sessions. Typically, there is a goal-oriented treatment plan in traditional psychotherapy, and it can be less than ideal to conduct a session without that trajectory and format.

The future of telehealth or online therapy environments is rapidly evolving. Technology is providing us with new tools to augment traditional “talk therapy.” Meomind is pioneering a unique aspect of this, and I’m excited to have a “toe in the water” as part of my involvement in the mental health community.

Overall, I’m very excited about what the future brings. The Meomind platform provides a unique way to offer psychotherapy to individuals who may be apprehensive about seeking traditional psychotherapy. As a psychotherapist, I believe that these platforms have enormous potential to augment and provide innovative ways to deliver mental health services.

See more about Meomind here

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