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A Journey into Psychedelic-Assisted Sex Therapy


Psychedelics and Sexual Health

What is the potential of using psychedelics in treating sexual dysfunctions and enhancing emotional connections? What are the most effective therapeutic models available? How can we deal with the ethical challenges and successfully integrate them into therapeutic practice? And, how can we incorporate legal constraints and research into this emerging field?


The intersection of psychedelics and sex therapy presents a novel approach with promising potential.


UNFOLDING EROS: A Journey into Psychedelic-Assisted Sex Therapy" is available for purchase through most major retailers, including Amazon.


Editing by Douglas Moser. Audiobook narrated by Dallin Bradford.

Authors Note: Amazon is a good choice for Prime members and is quick. The IngramSpark prints are better quality but can be slower to receive. You can also save by purchasing directly here, which are the same Amazon prints. I don't have any other ebook other than Kindle currently, and the audiobook will be on Audible, iTunes by about April 10th.

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A Journey into Psychedelic-Assisted Sex Therapy

"UNFOLDING EROS: A Journey into Psychedelic-Assisted Sex Therapy" explores the integration of psychedelics in sex therapy. The book describes the potential of these potent medicines in addressing sexual dysfunctions and enhancing intimacy. The author, a certified sex therapist, and psychedelic-assisted therapy provider investigates the history of psychedelic substances, their traditional and indigenous use, and their emergence of scientific research and therapeutic application.

This work is a groundbreaking guide to understanding the connection of psychedelics and sexuality within therapeutic settings, aimed at both professionals and general readers interested in this emerging field.

Key insights include:


  • The Relationship of Psychedelics and Sexuality: The book describes the synergistic relationship between psychedelics and sexual experience and pharmacology and proposes their use in treating sexual dysfunctions and enhancing emotional connectivity.

  • Historical Context and Evolution: A comprehensive overview of the historical use of psychedelics in various cultures is provided, detailing their sacred role and therapeutic applications.

  • Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy in Modern Times: The resurgence of interest in psychedelics for therapeutic purposes, including sexual health, is explored, emphasizing the need for ethical practice and legal compliance.

  • Personal and Professional Insights: The author includes personal experiences with professional observations, offering a nuanced perspective on the potential of psychedelics in sex therapy.

  • Challenges and Ethical Considerations: The book addresses the complexities of integrating psychedelics into therapy, including legal hurdles, ethical dilemmas, and the need for comprehensive training for practitioners.

Foreword written by Ps.Rodrigo Jarpa Schäcker.

Cover design by Florida Girl Design Inc.,, Robin Johnson

Updates and Errata

Following the book's release, I will share insightful feedback and observations from readers. I will compile a list of corrections and additional commentary to enhance the content and address pertinent points raised by readers.

No comments or commentary has been published (yet).


Your feedback is invaluable. Please share your thoughts on 'Unfolding Eros: A Journey into Psychedelic-Assisted Sex Therapy.' Your comments and experiences will aid in enhancing the book and contribute to the broader discussion on psychedelic-assisted therapies for sexual concerns.

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