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    1. Paypal takes fees out of the transaction, so it makes it more expensive than just using a credit card directly on the LifeVantage website securely.

    1. Not for Ireland in Feb, but in the future it will be. However, if you know people in other parts of UK, you might be able to get a position setup, and build in open markets.

  1. Hi there. Thanks for your blog. Please can you tell me when Life Vantage will be open in the UK? I’m very excited to get the Products. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I am curious as to any dates for availability for Protandim in the UK? The Netherlands? Will it be the whole product line or Protandim only to begin? I have some interested clients in the UK! Thanks

  3. Hi,

    I am living in Vancouver BC, close to Joyce Collingwood Station. I am trying to buy Protandim to overcome the Internal Hemorrhoid that I am currently suffered from. Like to try one bottle to see if the product works for me. Please let me know the price and where to buy it. Thank you.

  4. Hey Jeff, do you happen to know the status of thailands Protandim and axio approval? I am really hoping to expand my business there but hard sell with mitt the flagship product. Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Jeff – I am based in Toronto, Canada. I am trying to purchase Protandim but it seems like an uphill battle. Can you please connect me with a local person. Thank you in advance.

  6. Hello

    I am interested in getting 3 bottles per month. Is there a reduced price for buying more than one bottle?

    Thank you

    Zoe Coulson

  7. Hello! My brother in law lives in Toronto, how can he buy Protandim? He is comming bu the end of the month and I would like to buy it!

  8. This is Vicky Morris, I live in Salt Lake and I am a distributor, 160631
    My son is serving a mission in Toronto, he took a supply of protandim with him, but he is out. I am trying to get an order shipped from within Canada to avoid the custom fees, which make the cost prohibitive. I have talked to Shane, and I started an order on his website, but when I get to the credit card payment page, it won’t accept a US address for the billing address.
    Is there any way I can pay in Salt Lake and have it shipped from Canada? his mission home is right there in Brampton, ON where Shane says life vantage ships from. The order is for 8 bottles of protandim.

  9. Hi Jeff I wish to purchase 2 bottles of the protandim. I have purchased this product before and had to shop for several reasons I want to buy the product when I order it not be sent. It monthly. Would you let me know and I will email you. The order.

  10. Hi Jeff. I would like to order 2 bottles of protandim but do not want. Automatic order every month only when I wish to order is that possible me email back and if possible send me. Order form Thnk you LindA

  11. I was told Protandim was $52.00 a month. I ordered 3 month supply and cost was $178.49 which means that each bottle actually cost me $59.50. A second order months later for one bottle cost me $69.29. I am on a limited budget and I based my decision to get this product based on the $52.00 a month….knowing of course there would be some cost for shipping. Based on the first order for 3 bottles shipping cost me $22.49 and then $17.29 for one bottle! Think you can understand why someone like myself is hesitant in ordering this product again when the cost is not as stated. And I do not want to be a distributor for Life Vantage! Any chance of getting an honest cost for this product?

    1. There is sales taxes and shipping, depending on your location. You can just be a customer, being a distributor isn’t required. I sent you an email for you specifically on your situation for support.

  12. Hi Jeff,

    I phoned you yesterday and did return my call. I was not sure of the email address you left on your message because of interference so I thought I would message here. I do have an old account and distributor number. In order to get this info back I would have to submit a form and its reviewed and then they get a hold of me. I really just want to start back and order three bottles of Protandim and some Axio. I am in Vernon/Kelowna and just want the quickest easiest way to do this. I do not want to fill out forms and wait. Can I order through you? Can you provide me with a local person that might have three bottles to spare? Just let me know. Thanks for your help.

  13. Hi Jeff

    I would like to ordering protandim I was getting it every month but your charges to send one bottle is crazy so called your office talked with Stockton asked him to ship me 6 months worth of protandim and just pay one shipping charge I’ve called twice and supposedly he was going to ship it but haven’t received anything I feel he’s ignoring me or doesn’t want my business. My rep in Calgary is Jodi Simpson not sure what the problem is can you help thx

  14. I am interested in Protandim nrf2. I live in Lithuania.
    How can I get it monthly? I know about UK and Nyderlands, but nothing about my country. Is it possible send it from UK?
    Thank you.

  15. I’m looking at trying Protandim for a horse with arthritis. How many capsules are in the bottle and what would be the recommended doseage for a 900 lb horse?

  16. I am trying to source Protandim Canine Health for my dog. I would also like some more information about dosage and length of time it needs to be administered. My vet supplied a 10 day regimine but charged $10 per tablet, with my dogs weight he needed to take 3 tablets per day which amounted to 30 tablets (1 bottle) @ a cost of $300. My vet said that was all he needed but from the info I have read online it all seems to suggests a daily dose should be taken on an ongoing basis. Can you confirm this? Also my vet said what he was supplying was prescription strength not the over the counter strength? At the price my vet is charging I cannot afford to pay $300 for 30 tablets which only lasts 10 days. My dog is 11 and has very bad arthritis, he seemed to be doing really well and we have seen real improvement in his mobility during the short time he as been on Canine Health but as I said with what my vet is charging we cannot keep it up.

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