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I'm Open

“I’m Open” is a mobile application specifically developed for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. Its primary purpose is to assist clinicians in conveying their available appointment slots to patients, students, and clients. This application simplifies the retrieval of open times from user calendars by employing a .ics file (in iCalendar format) through an Internet link (URI), which is provided directly to the “I’m Open” application. Consequently, users can expediently share a list of their open times now from their smartphone or tablet.

Being a new application, “I’m Open” has the potential to integrate with various scheduling tools and platforms. To ensure accurate identification of available slots, open times should be labeled with descriptions such as “open”, “open for new”, “open existing”, and so forth.

“I’m Open” allows users to effortlessly pull their available appointment slots from their calendars, select the ones they wish to share, and then distribute them to their patients, students, or clients. This not only streamlines the scheduling process but also optimizes the use of clinicians’ time. In essence, “I’m Open” benefits clinicians seeking to manage their appointments more efficiently and enhance the service they provide to their patients, students, and clients.


You can find the application on iTunes here.

You can find the application on Google Play here.

To configure the application paste or type the link to your .ics file provided from your online scheduling platform or system. Once you have configured the application, you can click “Openings”, then use the share icon to share the opening times from your calendar by the various methods provided on your phone or tablet.

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